Empowering Women with PCOS: The Sophy® Solution

PCOS poses challenges affecting various aspects of women’s lives, often hindered by limited treatment options and side effects from conventional therapies. 

Sophy® addresses these issues by harnessing Berberine’s potential, with the innovative Berberine Phytosome® that enhances absorption, making Berberine 10 TIMES MORE bioavailable.

A recent clinical trial demonstrated remarkable results in just 3 months, including an 80% decrease in menstrual disorders, a 70% decrease in ovarian polycystosis, and a 55% decrease in acne.

Addressing PCOS Challenges: Exploring Berberine as a Promising Solution

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) affects countless women and poses multifaceted challenges for them, affecting reproductive, dermatologic, and metabolic aspects of their lives.

Moreover, many women with PCOS struggle finding their ideal treatment because conventional drug therapies are often limited by potential side effects (like discomfort from metformin) or unsuitability for specific conditions.

Similarly, inositol therapies face limitations, with 40% of women not experiencing significant improvements in metabolic and hormonal parameters.

A novel approach involves investigating the potential benefits of Berberine for PCOS. Berberine, through its ability to enhance insulin sensitivity, reduce insulin resistance, and regulate blood sugar levels, holds promise in addressing key aspects of PCOS, particularly the imperative need to reduce insulin resistance for symptom relief.

Sophy®: releasing Berberine's Potential with Phytosome® Technology

In our quest to address this challenge, we introduced Sophy®, a breakthrough food supplement based on Berberine Phytosome®, offering new hope and tangible results.

Berberine, a natural compound with promising therapeutic potential, takes center stage in Sophy®. Scientifically proven to address PCOS symptoms, Berberine tackles menstrual cycle disorders, ovarian polycystosis, and acne, providing comprehensive relief.

What sets Sophy® apart is its innovative Berberine Phytosome® technology. The formulation features phospholipids that incorporate berberine and enhance its absorption, overcoming glycoprotein-P blockage. This groundbreaking approach makes berberine an astonishing 10 TIMES MORE bioavailable, maximizing its therapeutic impact.

Sophy®: Results of a Clinical Triumph

In a recent controlled, randomized, multi-centric, open-label clinical trial, Sophy® was put to the test. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of Sophy® in women diagnosed with PCOS (based on Rotterdam criteria), comparing those treated with diet alone to those incorporating Sophy® into their regimen.

The enrollment involved 106 women with an average age of 24 and BMI between 18.5 and 35 who were subsequently divided into 2 groups:

  • 51 women treated with diet + Sophy® (2 tablets/day) for 3 months
  • 55 women on diet alone (control) for 3 months.

The results obtained with Sophy® were noteworthy: In just 3 months, Sophy® demonstrated remarkable efficacy, improving key PCOS symptoms:

  • 80% decrease in the number of patients with menstrual disorders.
  • 70% decrease in the number of patients with ovarian polycystosis.
  • 55% decrease in the number of patients with acne.

Moreover, the study revealed no significant difference in side effects between the treated group and the control, underlining the safety and tolerability of Sophy®.

Sophy® emerges as a beacon of hope for women grappling with PCOS, offering the cutting-edge Berberine Phytosome®. Backed by clinical evidence, Sophy® stands as a transformative solution, empowering women to regain control over their reproductive, dermatologic, and metabolic well-being.