The history of PharmExtracta

PharmExtracta S.p.A, created by the merger of Omeopiacenza S.r.l. and PharmExtracta S.r.l, has been operating in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical field for more than 30 yearsbringing innovation and effective therapeutic
solutions to the market
. The utmost advanced knowledge of our R&D team in Phytotherapy, Probiotics and Nutraceuticals together with a constant
communication with Health Care Professionals allows us to develop the most
innovative solutions available on the market, to satisfy both patients’ and clinicians’

PharmExtracta S.p.A presents a portfolio of innovative products developed form cutting-edge formulation rationales and obtained through the optimization of raw materials based on latest scientific discoveries. All finished products are validated by clinical studies published in top scientific journals.

Continuous research activity, constant dialogue with Health Care Professionals and support to Pharmacist make PharmExtracta S.p.A a company contemporary to the future.

La storia di PharmExtracta

PharmExtracta makes
Organ-specific Probiotics

PharmExtracta S.p.A operates within two main key areas:

  • Nutraceuticals and Botanicals, optimizing the pharmacological and clinical yield of nutraceuticals and highly standardized botanicals by using the utmost modern pharmaceutical technologies
  • Probiotics, reflecting the deep knowledge of the microbiota and its influence on the host’s state of health. The study of the characteristics of each bacterium employed has allowed the formulation of probiotics that perform organ-specific action

PharmExtracta S.p.A promotes medical information activities throughout the Italian territory with a capillary network of over 100 medical and scientific representatives, who are constantly updated to ensure the best support to Health Care Professionals.

We believe in continuous medical updating internally, for our company people, and externally delivering specific trainings and events for Health Care Professionals who are interested in deepening their knowledge in the field of Phytotherapy, Probiotics and Nutraceuticals. This approach allows to constantly create synergy between science and clinical practice.

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