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PharmExtracta S.p.A, created by the merger of Omeopiacenza S.r.l. and PharmExtracta S.r.l, has been operating in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical market for more than 30 years, bringing innovation and effective therapeutic solutions. The ultimate advanced knowledge of our R&D in Phytotherapy, Probiotics and Nutraceuticals together with a constant communication with Health Care Professionals allows us to develop the most innovative solutions available on the market, to satisfy both patients and clinicians needs.


Pharmextracta S.p.A. has 40 active patents and more than 170 publications in some of the most important scientificr journals.

The company portfolio includes 3 products ranges:

Biopharmaceuticals, optimizing the pharmacological and clinical yield of nutraceutical substances and botanicals

Metabolic Care, innovative formulations designed for the metabolic management

Bacterial Care, including typed and safe probiotics and bioprotics

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PharmExtracta S.p.A. is a growth-driven company constantly striving for innovation, where each member feels part of a great project. Unified Teamwork and, at the same time, the possibility of expressing one’s own individuality are essential principles for our organization.