Crispact®: The Precision Probiotic for Women’s Health - Finalist at CPHI Pharma Awards 2023

Crispact®: A Precision Probiotic for Women’s Health, CPHI Pharma Awards 2023 Finalist. 

It contains Lactobacillus crispatus M247 that excels in vaginal health with clinical evidence confirming its action in support of HPV clearance and ongoing studies delving into other gynecological issues.

A groundbreaking choice for gynecological health.

Crispact®: One of the Top 10 Finished Formulations of 2023 According to CPHI Awards

We are thrilled to share some groundbreaking news with you! Crispact®, our remarkable probiotic for women’s health, has been nominated as a finalist for the CPHI Pharma Awards 2023 in the “Finished Formulation” category!

The selection of our product as one of the top 10 finalists places it in direct competition with cutting-edge drugs from renowned pharmaceutical giants, to whom we extend our sincerest admiration. Of course, we are eagerly embracing this challenge.

The grand Awards ceremony is scheduled to take place at the unmissable CPHI Pharma Awards & Networking Party 2023. We hope to have the pleasure of seeing you there!

Why Lactobacillus crispatus M247 is a game changer for gynaecological health

While we await the CPHI Awards ceremony, we invite you to explore what Crispact® has to offer.

Crispact®, is the only product that contains Lactobacillus crispatus M247, the second most studied crispatus strain in the world and a precision probiotic that is revolutionizing urogenital health. This recognition is rooted in the findings of the study titled “Lactobacillus crispatus M247: Characteristics of a Precision Probiotic Instrument for Gynecological and Urinary Well-being”, which covers all the key features of L. crispatus M247.

As you may already know, a healthy vaginal microbiota is characterized by:

  • Dominance of lactobacilli
  • Low biodiversity

However, not all lactobacilli have the same protective effect on the vaginal microbiota; some may even facilitate the presence of pathogens.

Scientific literature indicates that L. crispatus is the most prevalent lactobacillus in a healthy vaginal microbiota, making it the ideal choice for vaginal protection. Studies have shown that L. crispatus is the only lactobacillus capable of directly antagonizing pathogens such as Gardnerella, Chlamydia, and Trichomonas.

Moreover, the specific strain L. crispatus M247, featured in Crispact®, exhibits some remarkable characteristics:

  • An impressive ability to colonize the vaginal environment
  • Production of hydrogen peroxide, a crucial element in fighting pathogens
  • Synthesis of lactic acid in the required form for effective protection against viruses and bacteria
  • Resistance to metronidazole and boric acid, allowing for co-administration and synergistic action with these treatments.

Clinical evidence on Crispact®

Clinical evidence on L. crispatus M247 is compelling. A study involving women with HPV demonstrated that oral administration of Crispact®, containing L. crispatus M247, effectively modified the vaginal microbiota composition within just 90 days, leading to a prevalence of L. crispatus. This shift in the vaginal microbiota resulted in greater clearance of HPV compared to spontaneous clearance.

Supporting the efficacy of L. crispatus M247, a subsequent study revealed that 12 months of Crispact® intake led to the normalization of HPV-related cervical cytology in a higher number of women compared to those not treated.

But that’s not all, as new studies will soon delve into the potential of Crispact® in promoting the success of assisted reproduction techniques and its effectiveness in combating recurrent cystitis.

With all these remarkable features, Crispact® emerges as the probiotic of choice for promoting gynecological health. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking advancement in women’s well-being!